Running The High Line

Running the High Line

The book shows subway graffiti on the viaduct elevated sections of the Berlin subway lines U1, U2 and U3. The pictures were taken between 9/2019 and 2/2020.
Texts from: Boks, Kgo, Jeico and Peter Stelzig.
Release April 2020
76 pages
Texts in English
DIN A4 portrait format
Thread binding / Swiss brochure
170 grams Luxoart Samt paper
LE-UV printing
Limited edition (750) / numbered and signed 
Racoon publishing 
Printed in Germany

All pictures by Peter Stelzig


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Graffiti Photographers United 15% sale //signed

Book presentation

The artists which take part at the project "Graffiti Photographers United" proudly present their first picture book. With their artworks, they are illustrating their point of view on graffiti-scene. The places of origin reflect the different perspectives of each of them and contain several citys and countries. The core theme of the book are atmospherical shots and the process of trainwriting. Following that, the concept will be the joint presentation of artistical and social statements of different photographers and scene members in one artwork. For a better understanding, the photographers provide commentarial texts according to their picture series.



Phil America (USA)

MJay (Holland)

Peter Stelzig (GER)

Kevin Schulzbus (GER)

Riky Kiwy (IT)

Peter White (GER)

Dpplhand (GER)

RDJ (Holland)

Miserable Face (PL)



144 pages
text german / english
din a4 / vertical

stitched binding / 150gr. Profi Bulk 1.1 paper

off-set print

limited edition

world wide shipping

publishing by Seltmann + Söhne

printed in Germany

gatefold cover with embossing

release June 2017




Book "Graffiti Photographers United"

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Exhibition Hamburg 25.11.-27.11.2016

Urbane Kunstkammer, Gängeviertel E.V., Valentinskamp 28A, 20355 Hamburg

Exhibition Berlin 07.01.-20.01.2017

Gallery No.6 Allerstr.6, 12049 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Release Exihibition in Berlin 16.06.2017

Rummels Bucht, Paul und Paula Ufer, 10317 Berlin

Memory Game

32 image cards

limited edition of 100 copies

signed and numbered

artists: Jeico, Opak, Oida, Wild, Mr. T, Dream, Inca, Eshae, Ixap and some more.

A perfect christmaspresent for Young and old!


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//Analog vs. Digital - Trainwriting Artphotography

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Artists: Abis, Area, Crush, Drow, Easd, Enter, Fister, Fler, Front, Great, Guard, Hercules, Heys, Hydro, Inzh, Kaze, Kird, Kicks, Kiss, Lazer, Lazr, Mamba, Matrix, Moar, Nerz, Odik, Oups, Pesd, Rage, Reck, Rino, Roger, Roy, Ruzd, Smoc, Shake, Sharp, Skim, Spider, Sone, Sput, Stereo, Tags, Teser, Tok, Tour, True, Trus, Trane, Wild, Zok...1up, Blow, Buzz, Drm, Funkiez, Huskies, Ko, Mrn, Nhs, Rip, Sma, Tck, Tls
and many more!

172 pages
text german / english
din A4 / hardcover

stitched binding / 150gr. paper

off-set print

limited edition 500 copies

world wide shipping


Peter Stelzig has been documenting Berlin's graffiti scene through his photography since 1998. Since 2001 he has been focusing primarily on train graffiti. His current book project "Analog vs. Digital – Trainwriting Artphotography, Berlin 2001-2016" is intended not only to portray his own development as a photographer, but also to provide insights into analogue and digital photography techniques.

The book focusses on illustrating the unique features as well as the spectrum of possibilities which analogue photography offers. Paragraphs explaning and supporting the photographs or criticially reflecting on developments in the media are another integral part of the book. In addition to discussing the essentials of photography technique and equipment, the book illustrates and explains more specific methods like double-exposure and lomography in greater detail. Moreover, different film materials are examined including cross-process, black&white, infrared and special effect film.

This may sound like a how-to guide to photography, but it is much more: a high-quality, slightly offbeat photo essay about what has happened on Berlin's S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains over the past 15 years. One of the principal motives for writing this unique book was the fact that photography is probably the single most important medium in the graffiti and train writing scene. It is meant to encourage readers to not just use the "auto mode” and to spark their interest in broadening their horizon in order to increase the diversity and quality of photos in any media and to guide writers and spotters to dig deeper into the subject of photography.




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